Acerca de Hipoges Iberia

Founded in 2008, HipoGes is one of the leading Asset Management platforms in Iberia for distressed assets with more than €2,6 billion of assets under management. With offices in Spain, Portugal and Brazil and circa 140 employees worldwide, HipoGes works for some of the leading financial institutions and international investors specialized in the distressed assets sector. HipoGes manages a very broad spectrum of assets including: residential mortgages, corporate and SME loans, commercial real estate, unsecured loans, government & corporate receivables, and REO portfolios HipoGes provides services all along the investment cycle: (i) due diligence & pricing advisory, (ii) closing & structuring, and (iii) loan servicing / legal enforcement, real estate management, disposal strategy, reporting & portfolio management

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C/ Manuel Cortina 2, planta 10ª. C.P. 28010, Madrid 28020 España

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