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beWanted is Europe's largest job search platform for young people.
Employers who have access to our database of candidates use our search engine to find and contact the ideal candidate.
Job seekers can participate in the selection processes for the best internships and entry level jobs by invitation only.


How did it come about?

beWanted was created because the traditional talent search system is obsolete and we know how to fix it: with an algorithm. Thanks to beWanted's Sentinel algorithm and #JobRank, companies search for, screen and invite only those candidates they want to participate in their selection processes.

This saves candidates from having to "apply" to hundreds of offers and companies from having to sift through thousands of CVs that do not meet their requirements.

With this idea in mind, the company was created in 2013 under the name of Alumni Global Search by a group of Spanish entrepreneurs, HR experts and talent scouts who set out to develop a unique technology that would revolutionise the traditional approach.

In 2014 we opened an office in Mexico and positioned ourselves as a reference in the sector, helping some of the country's best companies to recruit interns and recent graduates.

In May 2016, we changed the name of the company and renewed our philosophy, introducing the latest technological advances into the "help wanted" process in order to promote youth employment by making the process more expeditious and cost-effective for companies looking to hire young people.


How do we do it?

· We use matchmaking to bring the best candidates together with the best employers, breaking down the barriers that exist between them.
· We make the candidate the centre of the selection process rather than the job offer. We cross reference information on the position, the company's philosophy and the candidate's interests to return the best results.
· We streamline the system to foster youth employment once and for all by making it possible for employers and candidates to meet each other in just one week, without wasting their time.
· We offer a technological solution for candidate management in the form of #JobRank, which arranges profiles by how closely they meet the job requirements. This includes not only the candidate's education and job experience but personal circumstances as well: volunteer activities, attitudes, study/travel abroad, languages, etc.


What services do we offer?

beWanted's clients, companies in a wide variety of sectors located anywhere in the world, have access to our database of candidates. Using filters to screen the profiles, they can search for the ideal candidates for each selection process. Once located, they only contact the candidates whose profiles meet the company's requirements, which are arranged by #JobRank in order of relevance.

Our invitation-based service, combined with the work of our consultants who communicate with young candidates on a daily basis, is intended to make the process faster and more effective.


What is the motivation?

· There are no jobs:
“Many of us hace fiven up looking for a chance to break into the job market after having the door slammed in our faces time and time again”.
We are still using the same system that our parents did to look for jobs and we know that this system is obsolete. We “apply” to hundreds of offers and HR departments are overwhelmed by thousands of applications for a single position.
· Look for me:
“We have not only the power to change things but also the responsibility to do so.”
Young people are growing disheartened and starting to give up. At beWanted, we believe that change is possible and that young people are the future. They are the ones who can help us to turn the system around, a system that has failed them.
· If you weren't born lucky:
“Education is important but attitude... may be even more important.”
The first thing we have to change is the attitude. If you weren't born lucky, which most people aren't, not to worry. At beWanted we believe there is a place for everyone. There is no perfect candidate, but there is a suitable candidate. It's a question of attitude, of enthusiasm.
· Stop dreaming and take action:
“Necessity is the mother of invention. Companies need to innovate and find a new approach; young people need to be the entrepreneurs who create opportunities for others.”

We want to do our part. We want to bring about change by improving upon a system that has, without a doubt, failed us. At beWanted we want to shake up the system: no more “applications”. If you're a candidate, let the employers find you. Learn more about the companies you'd like to work for, transparently. Our goal is to provide a simple and effective platform.


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