Bewanted agents program

What does an agent do?

As an Bewanted Agent you become the representative of Bewanted at your university. You are responsible for enabling any student seeking his or her first job, internship or grant to gain access to the best platform on the market.

Every agent will have a personalised link he/she can pass on to anyone looking for that first job. Anyone who is interested can register at Bewanted for free via this link.

Every registration via an agent's link will be noted and recorded.

Why be an Bewanted agent?

All the experience of expert head hunters at your disposal.

Behind Bewanted there's a highly experienced team of head hunters.

We organise training courses on putting your professional career on the right track, preparing for interviews and many other useful subjects in the personnel selection area.

Bewanted talent program

At Bewanted, talent isn't just intelligence, ingenuity, perceptiveness, shrewdness, insight or foresight. Talent is much more than that, it's all those things with a big dose of drive and determination.

ALTA is a talent program that brings together the best universities in each country to improve their employability and bring them closer to the world of work using a range of different activities.

What does the program consist of?

Cultural activities: The Bewanted Talent Program offers participants the chance to attend the most important cultural events.

Workshops: Members of the ALTA Program can register for workshops designed to improve skills required in the working environment, such as negotiation or management.

Conferences, meetings and discussions: Meetings with economic, political and social leaders are organised. ALTA members can hear the success story of a leading figure in his field at first hand.

Visits and conferences at companies: Companies that collaborate with the ALTA Program hold open days for participants to visit their facilities, along with coexistence plans with companies.

Individual guidance: Participants in the program receive personalised employment guidance by the best HR specialists.