Company Internships


The main goal of an internship at any company is to aid the integral training of the university student through an employment agreement with the University or Postgraduate Centre.
Combining theory and practice, the students acquire the competences and experience to easily transition into the job market within the sector that they want to eventually compete in, in accordance with their qualifications.

It is also an opportunity for the students to get used to a work environment and the reality of working at a company. This will also permit students to solidify their knowledge and uncover the various professional possibilities that they may have at the company.

A cooperation agreement between the company and the University is required in order to realize these internships, so that they can work together in the formation of future professionals.
The recruitment processes for these types of experiences depend on the requirements of the company. Factors such as the student’s studies, languages, and previous experiences as an intern at other companies are very important.


What are the requirements that an intern must fulfil?

· Compatible studies:  For internship that form part of the Syllabus or the degree (curricular internships), the University offers facilities to adapt class timetables to the company’s scheduling needs. Internships are generally part-time. Full-time internships are also available for university students with a smaller course load or those undertaking their Final Project.
In cases where students have already attained the required course credits for the internships corresponding subjects, students are able to undertake extracurricular internships following an agreement between the university, the company and the student about the schedule limitations for both the student’s study and the internship.

· Signing the agreement: To realize an internship or to hire a student, it is necessary for the company, the student and the relevant University Faculty to sign an official agreement in which they structure the conditions of the professional internship.


Cooperation Agreement: Company, Student and University.

The Cooperation Agreement is a document that recognises the internship that the student will undertake at the Company. It includes: retribution, conditions, details of training project, etc.
Requirements to realise an internship and signing the Agreement with the University.

· Students: To be signed up with an authorized Study Centre or University to be able to sign this type of agreement.

· Validation of information: The internship’s projects must always be justified, so that the developed tasks must always be related to the student’s studies.

· Credits: In general, all students have a right and obligation to realize internships at companies during the last two years of their degree. Namely, it is necessary to have undertaken 50 % of their total degree credit load.


The BeWanted method to obtaining an internship

Global BeWanted Search was created because of the need to improve the employability of our youth and bears in mind the importance of the first professional experiences at any given company.

Unlike other employeeent agencies, BeWanted offers companies various filters to aid in the search of the ideal candidate and to cover the company’s needs. In this way, invitations to apply will only be sent to those students that the company wishes to take part in its recruitment process, which student’s can then either accept or reject.

In order to have more opportunities of finding an internship via the platform:
· Complete your CV: The more complete and detailed sections you have, the greater the possibility of working at one of the companies who are working with us and seek profiles like yours.

· Share your profile on Social Networks: Give your profile more visibility so that your ranking on the university students list will be higher when companies undertake searches on the platform.

· Update your profile frequently: There are new companies listing on BeWanted every day, with new job offers or internships for you. Every step you take in your career, each new training title, should be added to your BeWanted profile - you never know when a new opportunity may arise.

· Participate in the Talent Program ALTA: An initiative launched from BeWanted in the fight against youth unemployment. ALTA brings together the best university students in order to improve their skills to enter the labour market. The aim is to promote young talent through the organization of business, cultural and educational activities.

Benefits of taking part in ALTA to obtain an internship:

· Cross-competences:  Acquire all the non-specific abilities and capabilities of a professional.

· Discover new companies: Don´t limit yourself to multinational companies you know. The excellence program allows the recruited students to discover new opportunities and uncover the realities of new companies.

· Identify and strengthen your talents: Thanks to the training, business and cultural activities included in the program, students will become more familiar with their talents and will have the ability to differentiate themselves from others, to succeed and to face any future recruiting processes in the future.

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