How does it work?

1. What is Bewanted?

It's a digital tool designed to help graduates and university students in their last academic years to find work; and companies, to identify the most suitable talents for their needs amongst university graduates seeking their first job.

2. Who's behind Bewantedh?

A group of Spanish entrepreneurs, experts in recruiting sector and finding talent for companies. The initiative puts the skills of a highly experienced human resources team at the disposal of universities and business.

3. Who is it for?

It's for recent graduates and degree students completing their studies, and for companies and universities.

4. Can anyone register at Bewanted?

Yes, as long as you're studying for a university degree or you finished your degree in the last two years.

5. Is there room for only the best students?

No, we're open to all university students and companies. However at we include the record, languages and training of each university student. That way a set of clear and objective data is provided, such as the average marks, studies and experience of each student. Our aim is to provide companies with the means to identify the most suitable profiles for their needs.

6. What advantages does the tool offer to university students?

When university students register at Bewanted, they make the profile available to a large number companies that offer work to graduates, and they are made visible to them. This greatly facilitates the job search process. They won't have to send their CV to each individual company.

The tool will also offer guidance and information to university students, to help them to find work. This has become a pressing issue in Spain given that unemployment affects 35% of university students between the ages of 20 and 24. We want to make our skills as human resources consultants available to university students so they can make use of our long-standing experience.

7. What advantages does Bewanted offer to companies?

Bewantedprovides the integrated information they need for their selection processes: objective data such as the branch of study, centre and academic record, languages and motivation of graduates (what they want to work in, where, etc.). The tool includes a number of parameters to facilitate searches: specialisation, geographical area, average marks, languages, preferences, etc.

Companies currently invest a large amount of time and money in personnel recruitment. Every year over 215,000 young Spaniards complete their degrees, and it's difficult for companies to identify the ones that most suit their needs. With Bewanted, any company can find the most suitable graduate talent for their needs, quickly and simply.