How does it work?

BeWanted is a professional matchmaking platform for millenials. Our goal is to promote access to the job market for college students and recent graduates in any sector, anywhere.

BeWanted is a simple and effective system for candidates to participate in top company's selection process.

We helps you save time, money and energy, whether you're a job seeker or an employer. How to land a internship or your first job? How to use the platform for your selection processes?


BeWanted for CANDIDATES:
As a candidate, you only receive relevant and genuine job offers, which saves you having to apply to hundreds of job offers that don't get you anywhere. Register just once and your profile be accessible to all of the companies who work with us:

  1. Complete your profile: Validate your email and make sure your profile is as complete as possible so companies can easily find you, and their offers match with your profile.
  2. You'll appear in their searches: Companies apply filters when searching among the registered users, so you'll only appear in the searches if you meet their requirements.
  3. Receive invitations:  Accept or reject the invitations that companies send you to participate in their selection processes.
  4. Manage your processes:  Check your candidate's panel to see your status in the processes in which you are participating. If you accept an offer you'll be able to message with the company directly.

BeWanted for COMPANIES:
Job offers are not public. BeWanted saves you from having to review the CVs of hundreds of candidates who don't meet your requirements. When you create a selection process, you'll only receive results that are relevant to the process based on your own criteria.

  1. Create your selection process: Register with, enter your company's information and create offers to fill your vacant positions.
  2. Look for the right candidate: Filter candidates using our search engine: by degree, GPA, languages, university, volunteer work, etc. Thanks to our algorithm, called Sentinel, only the candidates who meet your requirements will appear. Our #JobRank technology arranges them in order according to how closely their credentials meet your requirements.
  3. Invite your candidates: Select only those candidates you wish to meet. Once you invite them to the selection process, they will see your personalised offer, which they can then accept or reject.
  4. Contact them: Once the candidates accept your invitation, you can see their full profiles and contact data. You can also chat with them through our messaging platform, which manages the entire process from start to finish.

Our technology:
Our unique HR technology removes the barriers between young candidates and employers in any sector.

We've turned the selection process upside down.
Using our search engine, employers conduct their own searches of the best candidates based on the filters they apply, which are identified using the fields completed by the candidates themselves.

It's fast and efficient,
thanks to our matchmaking algorithm, which indexes and evaluates our candidates CVs. The data of all registered candidates is then combined with those of the job offers for the most effective matches.

One-click results validation
The CV management process is fully automated thanks to our #JobRank technology. The results reflect the needs of the employers and the availability and preferences of the candidates at the same time.

The APP:
With the BeWanted app for Android or IOS smartphones, candidates can check their job offers, accept or reject invitations and contact the companies that have invited them to their selection processes. Conduct a search for a job or a professional internship with the best companies, effortlessly, from anywhere.

Employers can send messages and offers at any time of the day directly to the candidates whose credentials meet their requirements.

Questions? Send us an email at: We'll be delighted to help you!

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