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Información sobre: 3M Internship - Analyst & Customer Service en Lisboa

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Empresa buscando 3M Internship - Analyst & Customer Service

Lisboa, Portugal
Sobre la oferta de: 3M Internship - Analyst & Customer Service
Descripción de la invitación

In 3M we are looking for a person who will join us as an intern in our Customer Service Team. As a Customer Service professional, you will learn how to manage and analise the KPI´s for your section, and how to deal with clients in any of their requirements, growing as a top professional with a strong profile in one of the companies that are leading innovation worldwide. You will learn about SAP and Salesforce, both very demanded tools in the job environment.

Descripción del candidato

A student that has: -A degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Economics, or any other studies related with information analysis.              -Strong communication skills, and good level in English.              -Motivation for learning and developing him/herself in a multinational environment.

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