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Información sobre: Electronics, Digital Design, Software Engineering en Cluj-Napoca

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Empresa buscando Electronics, Digital Design, Software Engineering

Cluj, Rumanía
Sobre la oferta de: Electronics, Digital Design, Software Engineering
Descripción de la invitación

Your duties could include:  Developing new instrumentation, FPGA or MCU system boards, Pmod or Pcam peripherals Testing, characterisation, qualification of new designs Refining analog interface design, Software programming in C++/Python, Digital hardware design in VHDL or C++ (HLS), Embedded software programming in C/C++, Helping with the annual Digilent Design Contest Attending engineering shows, connecting with our user base.

Descripción del candidato

The mentoring provided by Digilent is first class. Through a mixture of on-the-job and formal training, Students will be helped and encouraged to fulfill their potential. A willingness to learn, the confidence to “have a go”, and the persistence to “figure it out”, are essential qualities in the candidates we are seeking.  Technical Knowledge Understanding of Embedded Development Tools, and Instrumentation Devices  How new products are defined and developed  Programming and hardware design skills  Work Skills  Working efficiently and effectively, being responsive, understanding organizations and teamwork. A complete working experience in a leading company, that enables you to grow towards your professional career.  Communication Skills  The communications skills needed to work in a dynamic company: face-to-face, telephone, web meeting, and e-mail. Highly proficient use of English, particularly for technical subjects, enabling effective and clear communication.

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