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Información sobre: ¿Te Gusta Aprender? BMW Training Programme for Spanish Graduates en München

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Bayern, Alemania
Sobre la oferta de: ¿Te Gusta Aprender? BMW Training Programme for Spanish Graduates
Descripción de la invitación

¿Te gusta aprender? Is a BMW Training Programme for Spanish Graduates like you. This opportunity is a one-year internship at BMW Group Headquarters in Munich, in the areas where the next exciting development in the automotive industry happens, e.g. digitalization, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving. We are looking for 15 young people with enthusiasm for starting their careers, with initiative and passion about the Brand. During your internship you will be supported by an experienced mentor. In addition to your practical experience you will gain an academic qualification in cooperation with an international university (e.g.  Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics).

Descripción del candidato

Bachelor degree in IT or Engineering or related to STEM B2 English Level Enthusiasm in the automotive industry and the willingness for further qualification in future competencies. Passion about mobility solutions for tomorrow. Ready to live a great professional and personal experience

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