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Información sobre: Trainee - Algorithms, Big Data, Machine learning en Madrid

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Empresa buscando Trainee - Algorithms, Big Data, Machine learning

Madrid, España
Sobre la oferta de: Trainee - Algorithms, Big Data, Machine learning
Descripción de la invitación

We are looking for students interested in programming, big data and machine learning, offering the possibility of putting into practice and broadening the knowledge acquired during their training, collaborating in the accomplishment, among others, of the following tasks: Maintenance and development of product and platform evolutionsData analysis and optimization of data modelsDevelopment of functional scripts, algorithms and resource optimization

Descripción del candidato

The requirements are: Developer: people with knowledge of programming and SQLAttitude: people with high motivation to work in one of the best Startups in Spain with part of Silicon Valley.Ambition: people who want to go one step further than anyone else in the world of technology.Talent: agile people with numbers and a good programming baseResponsibility: people who seek the highest quality for themselves and othersAnalysts: people really interested in data analysis and concepts of big data and machine learning. The student will have to carry out the practices with his own laptop. 

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