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Informação sobre: SysAdmin em Barcelona

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Empresa que procura SysAdmin

Barcelona, Spain
Sobre a oferta de: SysAdmin
Descrição da oferta

You, together with another team member, will administer RedHat linux and smartOS servers on different cloud hosting providers (Amazon, Joyent, Linode). The main services are an Nginx serving PHP applications, a Radiator radius server (perl), and databases (PostgreSQL). The servers are managed with chef.You will also be responsible for global network of Wi-Fi hotspots, all connected to a VPN for management and analytics. Finally, you will also take care of the IT infrastructure in the office which consists of about a dozen Mac computers for developers and sales, and the development services: git repository, deployment scripts, testing environments, etc.You have a strong understanding of the LAMP stack, unix-like operating systems, DNS, and SSL, TCP-IP,  WiFi, VPNs and VLANs.Experience with centOS, Oracle Linux, chef, php, radius, sqlite, perl, and oracle will be a plus.

Descrição do candidato

We're looking for someone eager to learn, someone that is looking forward beyond their knowledges. Proactive, able to work with a team of different areas.

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